Boys’ Brigade Camp

On Friday the 26th to Sunday the 28th I was at BB camp. On Friday we didn’t really do much because it was coming up to the evening but we had a walk to the park. Then we came back to the church and we set up a movie and watched the Hunger Games but I played cards with my friends instead. After that it was time for bed. It was very late so some people had fallen asleep before that.

So I woke up next morning quite early and some people were awake before that so I just stayed up and watched what was going on. After that I got changed and had breakfast then brushed my teeth. 

Then we went to this water activities place called​ Foxlake. In it there was a rubber float thing where an operater controlled the pully that pulled the float along really fast. There was also an above water course that if you fell in you would fall in the water. There were four options to go on: green was easy; blue was moderately easy; red was hard and black was the hardest. I didn’t do anything at Foxlake because I don’t really like that sort of thing that much. 

After Foxlake we went back to the church to get some money and our swimming stuff​. Then we went to the beach to have some lunch​. Before we got lunch we got some free time on the beach and my friends and I decided to make a sand base sort of thing but we didn’t​ get enough time to finish it. We had sausage rolls for lunch and then we had a bit more free time which I spent playing pig in the middle using a rugby ball with some friends. 

Then we went shopping. I didn’t buy much, except for an ice-cream. When we were finished shopping we went to the swimming pool. My friends and I were playing with this ball that someone had bought and we were trying to keep the ball off the water for as long as possible by hitting it in the air. What I liked about the pool most (and I think everyone agreed) was a wave machine that went on twice every hour. 

After that we went to the park and played rounders there and my team won! When we had finished that we went back to the church to have dinner which was pizza and chips. Then we had free time in the church to do whatever and then we watched a movie. I watched it this time and it was Paddington which I found quite funny. Then we went to bed. 

The next morning we had some breakfast then had some free time and packed our stuff away. After that we got into our uniforms to go to the local church (we were sleeping in the church hall). Then we had the service and after that we got changed back into our normal clothes and waited for our parents to come. While we were waiting my friends and I played a few rounds of Mafia. Then my parents came and took us home.

All in all I really enjoyed my time at BB camp and I would recommend going to it. My favourite part of it was the swimming pool because I enjoyed​ splashing around and the wave machine.


Admin trip to Edinburgh

On the 19th of May my admin class and I went to Edinburgh for the school day. The first part was when we went to Edinburgh Dungeons. I did get a little bit scared, but not much. The beginning of the Dungeons was in a court room and one of the teachers got accused of being a witch! 😂 Then came the torturer and she showed us all sorts of horrible and cruel punishments.

Next came the boat ride. This was a ride with the medival army to go to a character’s home. He was call Sawney Bean (he’s in the next bit). I didn’t go on that because to be honest it did look a bit creepy so I sat that bit out. I did hear a lot of screaming and shouting from the actors and one particular line that was “I AM SAWNEY BEAN!” in a loud voice.

The next part was called Sawney Bean which was about him (no surprise there!). Sawney Bean and his clan were hunted by the King’s men for cannibalism​ and eating travellers. They were caught and Sawney Bean was executed in the end. We got to see what his house was like, it stank! After that was anatomy theatre which showed what Burke and Hare did to their victims. There was a quite creepy part where the guy dropped a jar of leeches and the seats had little bumps which moved across the seats to impersonate leeches escaping​. 

When we finished that we moved onto Burke and Hare where we learned ​about them and their horrible crimes. Then we moved onto the street of sorrows which showed what a plague infested street was like and how they thought killing the plague with fire was a good idea! The next bit was the green lady which was a ghost story with many blackouts and things collapsing which I found quite frightening! 

We moved onto Maggie Dickson. She was hanged for concealing her pregnancy but at the funeral she started banging on the coffin and was let out. Officials decided to let her free because she had already been hanged once! 

The second last part was the drop ride which simulated being hanged. I am not at all a fan of these rides so I didn’t go on. It went up slowly and then dropped​ down fast, hence the name. The last part was Labyrinth and it was a mirror maze (I thought I was going to be there forever!) 

We finished the Dungeons, then I had some lunch, did a bit of shopping and went to the Camera Obscura. If you don’t know what this is, it’s an illusion place. It was very good with all the illusions and the camera itself! There was one illusion that was a tunnel that turned around with clolours on the side of the turning part and a bridge to cross it. It’s supposed to make you dizzy but just looking into it made me feel dizzy! 

After the illusions we headed back home. Overall, the trip was great and I would definitely do it again. I would recommend going to the Dungeons and the illusions.

Robot Wars 

On Saturday 13th of May I went to see Robot Wars being filmed for the TV show. If you don’t know what Robot Wars is it’s a competition of different teams that build robots that fight other robots to win the competition. While they’re fighting they face many obstacles in the arena other than the opponent. The arena contains four traps: the flipper; the flame pit; the spike pit; and the pit (if the opponent falls in the pit they lose). Other than those they face the house robots as well. The house robots are sort of opponents but they’re only allowed to stay in a corner of the arena and if a robot goes into a corner with a house robot in it the house robot is allowed to attack. There are four house robots and every match two house robots go into the arena. The four house robots are Matilda a dinosaur based robot with a flipper and a spinning blade, Shunt a bulldozer based robot with a spike that jabs into robots, Dead Metal a robot with a clamp to hold robots and and a saw that goes into robots and Sir Killalot a knight based robot with a small clamp that picks up robots and a pike to deal damage.

Going to Robot Wars was quite an exciting experience because you got to see the presenters and the teams with their robots and you got to see the arena and house robots and fights going on in real life. I would say that one good thing about this was getting to see the robots and the bad thing was that you had to wait a bit for the fights to go on. Photo below is of Sir Killalot (house robot)


I went on a real life boat that can hold… 21 men on it! 21! and 3 crew on it and what I mean about you know it can hold 21 saved people with 3 crew on it. Boy imagine what it would be like being in the sea then in a life boat rescued and I could imagine that I could be squashed well if there as a lot of  people in it.

As you can see I am pretending to drive the life boat. Now if you do not know who those hands belong to they belong to my brother. If you can see them there are some controls.  Then we went changing  rooms. We saw a lot of suits as you can imagine with 3 crew of cours. Now if you don’t know what those handles are for they are for the two eengines. Now, I know that two engines on a boat and I now that you don’t have two engines in you car of course because that wold just be silly but it does have two engines what I mean about that its the boat.


Yesterday I just went to Brave. Its so funny especially the end its the funniest bit of all I am not kidding. The thing that I didn’t like was dressing up in fancy clothes. Here is a picture of me and my brother. They did give out free ice cream. I bet thats making you hungry.

super moshi song

A Moshi song. My Dad told me how to put a YouTube video on my blog. It’s so cool how you do it. You should make your own blog and do the stuff that I do on my blog.

This video is about THE SUPER MOSHIS.  My favourite bit about it is when they fly up into the air. Don’t you like that part?