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Boys’ Brigade Camp

On Friday the 26th to Sunday the 28th I was at BB camp. On Friday we didn’t really do much because it was coming up to the evening but we had a walk to the park. Then we came back to the church and we set up a movie and watched the Hunger Games but I played cards with my friends instead. After that it was time for bed. It was very late so some people had fallen asleep before that.

So I woke up next morning quite early and some people were awake before that so I just stayed up and watched what was going on. After that I got changed and had breakfast then brushed my teeth. 

Then we went to this water activities place called​ Foxlake. In it there was a rubber float thing where an operater controlled the pully that pulled the float along really fast. There was also an above water course that if you fell in you would fall in the water. There were four options to go on: green was easy; blue was moderately easy; red was hard and black was the hardest. I didn’t do anything at Foxlake because I don’t really like that sort of thing that much. 

After Foxlake we went back to the church to get some money and our swimming stuff​. Then we went to the beach to have some lunch​. Before we got lunch we got some free time on the beach and my friends and I decided to make a sand base sort of thing but we didn’t​ get enough time to finish it. We had sausage rolls for lunch and then we had a bit more free time which I spent playing pig in the middle using a rugby ball with some friends. 

Then we went shopping. I didn’t buy much, except for an ice-cream. When we were finished shopping we went to the swimming pool. My friends and I were playing with this ball that someone had bought and we were trying to keep the ball off the water for as long as possible by hitting it in the air. What I liked about the pool most (and I think everyone agreed) was a wave machine that went on twice every hour. 

After that we went to the park and played rounders there and my team won! When we had finished that we went back to the church to have dinner which was pizza and chips. Then we had free time in the church to do whatever and then we watched a movie. I watched it this time and it was Paddington which I found quite funny. Then we went to bed. 

The next morning we had some breakfast then had some free time and packed our stuff away. After that we got into our uniforms to go to the local church (we were sleeping in the church hall). Then we had the service and after that we got changed back into our normal clothes and waited for our parents to come. While we were waiting my friends and I played a few rounds of Mafia. Then my parents came and took us home.

All in all I really enjoyed my time at BB camp and I would recommend going to it. My favourite part of it was the swimming pool because I enjoyed​ splashing around and the wave machine.


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