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Admin trip to Edinburgh

On the 19th of May my admin class and I went to Edinburgh for the school day. The first part was when we went to Edinburgh Dungeons. I did get a little bit scared, but not much. The beginning of the Dungeons was in a court room and one of the teachers got accused of being a witch! 😂 Then came the torturer and she showed us all sorts of horrible and cruel punishments.

Next came the boat ride. This was a ride with the medival army to go to a character’s home. He was call Sawney Bean (he’s in the next bit). I didn’t go on that because to be honest it did look a bit creepy so I sat that bit out. I did hear a lot of screaming and shouting from the actors and one particular line that was “I AM SAWNEY BEAN!” in a loud voice.

The next part was called Sawney Bean which was about him (no surprise there!). Sawney Bean and his clan were hunted by the King’s men for cannibalism​ and eating travellers. They were caught and Sawney Bean was executed in the end. We got to see what his house was like, it stank! After that was anatomy theatre which showed what Burke and Hare did to their victims. There was a quite creepy part where the guy dropped a jar of leeches and the seats had little bumps which moved across the seats to impersonate leeches escaping​. 

When we finished that we moved onto Burke and Hare where we learned ​about them and their horrible crimes. Then we moved onto the street of sorrows which showed what a plague infested street was like and how they thought killing the plague with fire was a good idea! The next bit was the green lady which was a ghost story with many blackouts and things collapsing which I found quite frightening! 

We moved onto Maggie Dickson. She was hanged for concealing her pregnancy but at the funeral she started banging on the coffin and was let out. Officials decided to let her free because she had already been hanged once! 

The second last part was the drop ride which simulated being hanged. I am not at all a fan of these rides so I didn’t go on. It went up slowly and then dropped​ down fast, hence the name. The last part was Labyrinth and it was a mirror maze (I thought I was going to be there forever!) 

We finished the Dungeons, then I had some lunch, did a bit of shopping and went to the Camera Obscura. If you don’t know what this is, it’s an illusion place. It was very good with all the illusions and the camera itself! There was one illusion that was a tunnel that turned around with clolours on the side of the turning part and a bridge to cross it. It’s supposed to make you dizzy but just looking into it made me feel dizzy! 

After the illusions we headed back home. Overall, the trip was great and I would definitely do it again. I would recommend going to the Dungeons and the illusions.


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