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Robot Wars 

On Saturday 13th of May I went to see Robot Wars being filmed for the TV show. If you don’t know what Robot Wars is it’s a competition of different teams that build robots that fight other robots to win the competition. While they’re fighting they face many obstacles in the arena other than the opponent. The arena contains four traps: the flipper; the flame pit; the spike pit; and the pit (if the opponent falls in the pit they lose). Other than those they face the house robots as well. The house robots are sort of opponents but they’re only allowed to stay in a corner of the arena and if a robot goes into a corner with a house robot in it the house robot is allowed to attack. There are four house robots and every match two house robots go into the arena. The four house robots are Matilda a dinosaur based robot with a flipper and a spinning blade, Shunt a bulldozer based robot with a spike that jabs into robots, Dead Metal a robot with a clamp to hold robots and and a saw that goes into robots and Sir Killalot a knight based robot with a small clamp that picks up robots and a pike to deal damage.

Going to Robot Wars was quite an exciting experience because you got to see the presenters and the teams with their robots and you got to see the arena and house robots and fights going on in real life. I would say that one good thing about this was getting to see the robots and the bad thing was that you had to wait a bit for the fights to go on. Photo below is of Sir Killalot (house robot)


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