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I went on a real life boat that can hold… 21 men on it! 21! and 3 crew on it and what I mean about you know it can hold 21 saved people with 3 crew on it. Boy imagine what it would be like being in the sea then in a life boat rescued and I could imagine that I could be squashed well if there as a lot of  people in it.

As you can see I am pretending to drive the life boat. Now if you do not know who those hands belong to they belong to my brother. If you can see them there are some controls.  Then we went changing  rooms. We saw a lot of suits as you can imagine with 3 crew of cours. Now if you don’t know what those handles are for they are for the two eengines. Now, I know that two engines on a boat and I now that you don’t have two engines in you car of course because that wold just be silly but it does have two engines what I mean about that its the boat.


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2 responses to “GOING TO THE LIFE BOAT!

  1. That was a really fun day, seeing the lifeboat. Nanny and I enjoyed taking you and David to see it and having a drink in the cafe afterwards.

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