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Yesterday I just went to Brave. Its so funny especially the end its the funniest bit of all I am not kidding. The thing that I didn’t like was dressing up in fancy clothes. Here is a picture of me and my brother. They did give out free ice cream. I bet thats making you hungry.


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10 responses to “BRAVE!

  1. Sarah ⋅

    That sounds amazing Luke! I’m so jealous you got to see Brave before anyone else.

    • It was amazing and want to get the dvd.

    • Maryanne Twaddle ⋅

      Hi Luke,
      Your Mum showed me this blog – I am very impressed with what you’ve put on it so far. You’ll be an expert by the end of the summer holidays. I bet you enjoyed going to Brave even if you did have to dress up – at least you would have been one of the best dressed young men there. I’m looking forward to keeping an eye on your blog – can’t wait to see your adventure to the Olympic Games.

  2. Allan ⋅

    I think Goodwizard6602 makes an excellent point – dressing up in fancy clothes is always rubbish. BUT, it does get you into see the European Premiere of Brave, and free ice cream, so it’s not all bad.

    • Thankyou for saying that goodwizard6602 makes an excellent point of dressing up in fancy clothes is always rubbish. I think that myself really.

      • Rugby Granddad ⋅

        But Goodwizard6602 you looked as though you were one of the coolest dudes at the event. Just as you were at Auntie Katy’s Wedding and I think you had a great time staying up till gone midnight. Great things do happen when you dress up!

  3. What a couple of cool dudes you guys are!! Hope you enjoyed the film and the refreshments.

  4. Katy ⋅

    I can’t believe that you were in Edinburgh and didn’t you didn’t come and see me! Sounds like you had an awesome time though and I love your blog. Fancy clothes are a bit boring but you and David looked amazing so I think sometimes they are worth it!

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